Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Active Material Mining Company

United States / Pacific Islands

Sales: $500 million (2025)

NPV: $900 million

Investment: $40 million

  • Rapidly Growing Market: Increasing demand for Li-lon batteries is driving increased need for cobalt in the long term. Diminishing supply of terrestrial cobalt provides lucrative opportunity for sea-based mining.
  • Exclusive Mining Rights: Exclusive rights to an estimated one million metric tons of contained cobalt off in the Pacific Islands.
  • Strategic Partnership Signed: Committed strategic processing partner assures production capacity. Committed research partner minimizes exploration and production cost during environmental impact studies and in-situ mining demonstration.
  • Robust Financials: $1.6 billion NPV. 7-year payback. 26+%IRR.

Autonomous Delivery Third Party Solutions Provider


Investment: $4 million

Sales: $15 million

Margin: 40%

  • World-Class Capabilities. Expert in drone design, production, and operation.
  • Fertile Market: Strong presence in a country ripe with innovative last-mile delivery business models including by drone.
  • Government and Commercial Relationships: Strong existing business and bright future outlook based on strong reputation and relationships.

Flexible Solar Tech Lab


Investment: $6 million

Sales: $70 million

Margin: 80%

  • Game-Changing Technology. Gem-like photovoltaic cell technology is embedded in roads, walkways, and buildings. 30% more efficient than flat solar panels. 
  • Clear Market Space: Enables remote off-grid clean power for new construction in remote areas, including industrial and developing zones.
  • Strong Business Model: Technology licensing model is asset-light and high-leverage.

Disruptive Logistics Info Tech Venture


Seeking: $1-5 million

Est. NPV: $ 200 million

Payback: 24 months

  • Disruptive Business Model: Poised to draw traffic from existing logistics majors
  • Experienced Team: Capable, proven industry leaders driving strategy and executive management
  • Low Initial Investment: Modest investment leading to distinct operational and financial milestones
  • Multiple Exit Options: Clearly defined growth phases allow for exit at milestones

MORE CLIENT EXAMPLES, organized as follows:

Artificial Intelligence / Smart Mobility

Robotic Automation / Drone Delivery

Energy Storage / Charging Networks


Cyber Security Solution Provider

United States

Capital: $1-5 million

Est. NPV: $ 55 million   

Payback: 18 months 

  • Unique Capability: The only application to safeguard authenticity of Industrial Control Systems patches and updates.
  • Proven Benefits: Developed based on a project at the Department of Homeland Security, and proven at Industrial Control Systems vendors.
  • Fully Scalable: Fully functional big data engine.
  • Quick Payback for Investors: The purpose of funding is to accelerate an already solid growth path; profitability assures quick returns.
  • Easy Exit Strategy: Sale to ICS vendors, competitors, and end-users are all viable and realistic exit strategies within less than 5 years.


Algorithmic Processing Engine

United States

Seeking: $2 million  

EBITDA: $ 12 million*

Revenue: $18 million*

  • Patented Technology: Substantive, detailed patent application filed and mostly approved; likely issuance within 6 months of funding.
  • Has Regulatory Approvals: Approval by US federal government as a preferential or reduced risk weighting for customers that use the proprietary solution set.
  • Approved Vendor Status: Is an approved vendor at one of the largest target customers and has received strong interest from others.
  • Highly Profitable Business Model: 80% net operating margin based on algorithmic information processing method for the core business model.
  • Rapidly Scalable: Plug-and-play product design accommodates rapid onboarding of new networks, enabling sustainable positive cash flow by 2022.
  • Extensible to Related Businesses: Algorithmic information-based data product can be extended to include trustee and custodial services.


Solar Panel Cleaning Robot Manufacturer

Middle East & Saharan Africa

Investment: $850,000

Sales: $57 million

EBITDA: $20 million

  • Emerging Regional Champion: Middle East and Africa solar mega-plants of capacities upwards of 1 GW. Dust storms frequently reduce panel efficiency by up to 25%, requiring regular panel cleaning.
  • Water-Less, Power-Less, Maintenance-Free Design Water-free washing allows use in the desert environments. Power-free design allows use on remote solar arrays.
  • Financials: 1-year payback. $2 million cumulative profit by Year 3. $150 million NPV through 2030.


Directional Drilling E&P

United States

CapEx: $100-300 million

ROI: 39%

Payback: 3 years

  • Strong Investment Upside
    • Expected 30%+ return based on current WTI price
    • Limited downside risk based on geological mapping
    • Outside engineering report available
  • Proven Fields
    • 9900 acres in the Delaware Basin, all under lease (Held By Production), allowing for rapid drilling and production without applications or delays. Existing horizontal wells have been drilled, with over 470 Mboe per well ultimate recovery.
    • 200+ decline curves from adjacent and nearby wells provide an accurate forecast for new wells
    • 25 wells hundreds of feet away have recovered 5.5 million bbls of oil and 16 BCF of gas
    • Offset operators include XTO Energy and OXY USA
    • Experienced operator in the area with 30+ years of experience
  • Firm Development Schedule
    • 3-year drilling program
    • Spud date within less than 6 months
  • Variable Investment Options
    • 60 proved locations ready to be drilled, potential for 100+ locations
    • 20 wells per year


Mobile Tower Construction


Loan: $22 million

IRR: 51%

Payback: 2.8 years

  • Market Leader
    • Largest market share 
    • 20 year history

    Concession In Hand

    • In possession of a Construction, Operation and Maintenance contract for wireless antennas
    • Will also operate retail stores for 4G products and services
    • Has exclusive rights in certain geographic zones
  • Minimal Risk
    • Mezzanine debt
    • Back-to-back revenue contract
  • Variable Investment Options
    • 6 clusters


Ocean Thermal Renewable Energy Developer

Offshore Equatorial

Sales: $90 million

NPV: $210 million

Investment: $27 million

  • Consistent Energy Source with Stable, Unfluctuating Output: Technology using stable temperature gradients within the ocean to provide a source of power up to 100 MW per plant. Unlike solar and wind power, power output is not dependent on weather conditions or time of day, and does not depend of energy storage solutions.
  • Cost-Effective Power Technology for Equatorial Climates: 18 patents. Proven installations in US island territories, Expansion potential in India and Southeast Asia.
  • Financials: Flexible investment opportunities in I.P. holding company, project development company, or both. Financing will open up new project models such as Build-Own-Operate-Transfer


Additive Material Manufacturer

United States

Growth Rate: 25%

NPV: $210 million

Investment: $10 million

  • Innovative Material: Self-healing material responds to structural micro-cracks, restoring the full structural integrity of the original material in-situ, without intervention or equipment.
  • Broad Applications: Can be implemented within very large markets, particularly oil/gas pipeline and adhesives, with market sizes of $25 and $60 billion respectively at a growth rate of 5% each.
  • Extraordinary Leadership: Led by commercially successful PhD chemists and entrepreneurs in the target industrial domains. The additive materials market projected to increase 25%+.

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