Here are some examples of the companies in our portfolio:

Seabed Cobalt Mining Company

United States / Pacific Islands

Sales: $500 million (2025)

NPV: $900 million

Investment: $450 million

  • Rapidly Growing Market: Increasing demand for Li-lon batteries is driving increased need for cobalt in the long term. Diminishing supply of terrestrial cobalt provides lucrative opportunity for sea-based mining.
  • Exclusive Mining Rights: Exclusive rights to an estimated one million metric tons of contained cobalt off in the Pacific Islands.
  • Strategic Partnership Signed: Committed strategic processing partner assures production capacity. Committed research partner minimizes exploration and production cost during environmental impact studies and in-situ mining demonstration.
  • Robust Financials: $1.6 billion NPV. 7-year payback. 26+%IRR.

Cyber Security Solution Provider

United States

Capital: $1-5 million

Est. NPV: $ 55 million   

Payback: 18 months 

  • Unique Capability: The only application to safeguard authenticity of Industrial Control Systems patches and updates.
  • Proven Benefits: Developed based on a project at the Department of Homeland Security, and proven at Industrial Control Systems vendors.
  • Fully Scalable: Fully functional big data engine.
  • Quick Payback for Investors: The purpose of funding is to accelerate an already solid growth path; profitability assures quick returns.
  • Easy Exit Strategy: Sale to ICS vendors, competitors, and end-users are all viable and realistic exit strategies within less than 5 years.

Solar Panel Cleaning Manufacturer

Middle East & Saharan Africa

Investment: $850,000

Sales: $57 million

EBITDA: $20 million

  • Emerging Regional Champion: Middle East and Africa solar mega-plants of capacities upwards of 1 GW. Dust storms frequently reduce panel efficiency by up to 25%, requiring regular panel cleaning.
  • Water-Less, Power-Less, Maintenance-Free Design Water-free washing allows use in the desert environments. Power-free design allows use on remote solar arrays.
  • Financials: 1-year payback. $2 million cumulative profit by Year 3. $150 million NPV through 2030.

Additive Material Manufacturer

United States

Growth Rate: 25%

NPV: $210 million

Investment: $10 million

  • Innovative Material: Self-healing material responds to structural micro-cracks, restoring the full structural integrity of the original material in-situ, without intervention or equipment.
  • Broad Applications: Can be implemented within very large markets, particularly oil/gas pipeline and adhesives, with market sizes of $25 and $60 billion respectively at a growth rate of 5% each.
  • Extraordinary Leadership: Led by commercially successful PhD chemists and entrepreneurs in the target industrial domains. The additive materials market projected to increase 25%+.

Ocean Thermal Renewable Energy Developer

Offshore Equatorial

Sales: $90 million

NPV: $210 million

Investment: $27 million

  • Consistent Energy Source with Stable, Unfluctuating Output: Technology using stable temperature gradients within the ocean to provide a source of power up to 100 MW per plant. Unlike solar and wind power, power output is not dependent on weather conditions or time of day, and does not depend of energy storage solutions.
  • Cost-Effective Power Technology for Equatorial Climates: 18 patents. Proven installations in US island territories, Expansion potential in India and Southeast Asia.
  • Financials: Flexible investment opportunities in I.P. holding company, project development company, or both. Financing will open up new project models such as Build-Own-Operate-Transfer

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